I help women lead happy, healthy, vibrant lives.

If you are longing to make a meaningful difference in your life on a physical, emotional or spiritual level, join me and I will help you build the life you deserve.

Intuition Diet: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Live Your Best Life

Listen to your body to lose the weight and keep it off

Focus on both weight loss and improving your health

Decrease stress and emotional eating

Learn how to eat so your body feels satisfied emotionally and physically

Balance exercise for enjoyment and to maximize your metabolism

Stop yo-yo dieting forever


Understand the differences between passive, aggressive and assertive behavior

Identify the thoughts that interfere with your ability to be assertive

Identify the emotions that interfere with your ability to be assertive and how to overcome them

Learn the skills you need to be assertive at work, home and in any relationship


What is mindfulness?

Key steps to building a mindfulness practice

How a mindfulness practice can lead to more peace, relaxation and joy

Mindfulness for panic

Mindfulness for chronic worrying

Mindfulness for insomnia